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There are many types of operating system that are used in this modern age of technology. mobile phones are the great invention of  science and technology because mobiles have remove the distances between people. by using a mobile we can send messages and can make call also,we can make video or can record our voice as audio, we can make pics. so there are many advantages of mobile apps but….

Android technology is a revolution. now a days Google have copyrights of it. Smart phones as HTC, Samsung, Galaxy etc are some types of cellphones that have android OS(operating system). Android technology use Linux operating system based on Unix technology. User can build any app by using android phones. touch screens are used in this technology this makes the physical connection of a user with his mobile phone. this is  useful invention  & are playing an important role in the life of us. We can use Google, Skype , G mail , Facebook means these mobiles provide internet or WiFi access easily and make our life prosperous and happy.

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