Axact Pakistan Scandal in news online

Axact Online education company in Pakistan who is concerned about the online education system.It is the blame on axact company that they gave the fake degrees.Mr Shoaib Shaikh who told in the program off the record that we not give the degrees and we not have the authority to give the degrees.But they deal with the international online education.

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The move came shortly after Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar ordered FIA to probe into the special report published by The New York Times alleging the software company was earning tens of millions of dollars by selling fake degrees around the world.

“If the said company is involved in any such illegal work which can tarnish the good image of the country in the world”, a ministry statement said.

Soon after, FIA teams comprising IT experts sealed Axact’s offices in the twin cities and registered a formal inquiry into the Axact scandal, sources privy to the development told Express News.

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According to Express News, employees were evacuated from the software company’s head office in Islamabad. Further, around 45 employees were rounded up, including HR and PR managers, to be taken to FIA headquarters.

FIA Raid on the offices of the exact and lots of the persons arrested and servers in the

Pti resolution against axact in Punjab Assembly

Pakistan Tehrik E Insaf who present the resolution in the Punjab assembly against axact in which they have the opinion that they have the fake degrees.

Axact Pakistan Scandal in news online


Who is wrong and who is right …It is the most difficult task in this country.But it is the suggestion to the media houses that they should float the news after getting the proofs that if any body is guilty before blaming anyone .Because if we are blaming on others because we want ratings …It is not the well mind set …It is also the thing is that for the media houses a code of ethics should be introduce …This code of ethics not just for the media but also for the lots of the industries which are participating in the welfare of the country.

Axact’s response

Soon after the report was published, a message on Axact’s website declared the story “baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory, and based on false accusations” and added it would sue The New York Times.

The company has said it will launch a news channel named Bol this year, which has already lured many of Pakistan’s top TV anchors and journalists with reportedly the highest salaries in the market

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