Ayyan Ali In Jail Pictures Online

Pakistani model Ayaan ali in jail in 2015 when she is visiting court but she is in the glamorous mode also in the jail life.Few days before when she gone to the court for personal hearing to the court then she expense the 1 Lakh and 69 Thousand rupees for going and she was saying that Jail life is not easy as she was understanding.Here get pictures of ayan ali in jail in 2015 .She was found in the money laundering case…She was also saying that when she will release from jail then she will make film on jail life.

Ayyan Ali In Jail Pictures Online

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We can look that jail life is different for every one if he is poor or rich because if you are rich then the facilities will be provide to you in the jail life and if you are poor then injustice situation take place.Now look at the photos of Ayyan ali pics full in the jail life.It is the right she is now in the jail but what will happen in the future we will look.When she come for the proceeding to the court then she was looking beautiful due to the modern dress and the latest fashionable dress …..Now you can get more interesting news and the views so carry on it …


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