Pakistan drama industry is the big industry in the subcontinent or in Asia tv dramas .Pakistani tv Channels provide a good story and script according to the society written by the writers of Pakistan.Pakistani tv serial industry is getting the progress every passage of time and with the every event which is passing ..Not only on tv channels Pakistani dramas are hit but also hit online which we finds due to the audience response .

This new serial do kadam door the geo tv drama ,this drama  serial with the nice cast will present by channel geo ..Geo tv is the top leading channel of Pakistan that the many sub channels of geo tv like geo teez,geo super,aag,geo news and geo kahani but in these days every channel of geo is the biggest channel .Geo kahani is the turkey dramas channel,geo tv is pakistani tv dramas channel ,geo super is sports channel,geo news about news,geo teez about latest happening news channel of Pakistan..Process of geo tv progress is not long but amazing which provide for the people of pakistan every idea which is important for them and which for the people are passionate and want to know and not want to stay away anymore ..


do kdam door thay

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In cast do kadam door the geo drama

Sami Khan

Ayza Khan

Sana Khan

Aye Khan

so this is the tragic story and it is the thing that every content this tv drama amazing story based drama