Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls

Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls

Every women of any age group loves make-up, it is also the fact that now a days it is difficult to find out natural/original products. To buy such products it is also difficult because of their increased prices, so here we are going to tell you girls some of the homemade tips especially.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls


Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls starting from the Foundation, every skin type whether it is of the young girl or even of an aged one needs primary coverage to protect the skin from outer environment. There are several natural beauty guidelines available for face and one of them is application of foundation powder.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls


Foundation Powder: Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls

From now to onward you can make Foundation very easily at your own home, its base ingredients and adding some additional items of your own choice to make it more compressed after mixture among nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa powder, and jojoba oil. This is very useful for for teen age girls.


Blush and Bronzer: Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls

The most commonly used products and you can also made them easily at home and their ingredients are almost similar to the foundation powder as to get a darker shade for your skin you just have to add more cocoa and cinnamon powder in it. You can also add pink mica powder in it for natural pink glow by keep on balancing its amount till you get the accurate color for your skin tone.


Eye-liner: Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls

It is one of the everlasting products everyone wants. Here we are going to share with you  for the eyeliner some healthier and better tips. In making eyeliner at home, you just need cocoa powder, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel, mix them inside an air-tight bottle and store in a cool and dry place. your Eye-liner will became ready to use.


Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls

As compared to those including chemical contents these tips are all safe and natural. Hope we enjoyed it. We will be back with more tips, information, and guidelines.

Till then stay bless and have a beautiful time ahead, thank you for visiting our web-site.

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