How can make Interective Form in HTML

How can make Interective Form in html it is the most famous language of computer html coding method is different ways some time we design the html table,html ol list similarly diffination of important things computer does not understand the human being language thus we write different programms in computer language there are different types of computer programms in type the Machine language it is the system of codes it only understand two binary digits 0 and 1 the question is that when the humman  programmers write different programms that easily understand the computer that name was Assembly language and many other computer programms now we design the Interective Form in html coding first of all you know about two basic things of interective form


How can make Interective Form in HTML



<form name=”send eMail” method=”post” action=”URL”



<td>From:<input type=”text” name=”sender” size=”50″</td>



<td><input type=”text” name=”receiver” size=”50″</td>


<td valign=”top”>message</td>

<td><textarea name=”message” cols=”30″ rows”5″>  </textarea></tr>


<td colspan=”2″ align=”right>

<input type=”submet” namr=”sendemail” value=”send eMail to me”></td>




1:HTML coding

html coding is basic need to made an interective form many tegs are used in this form with the help of html


CGI, “stood for common gateway interface it directily interect with the Web

Interective Form 1:

if you can put the ol list in your Email Web Page first you select the form name most important attroibutes of Form these are given below

<form name=”selected form name” Example name=”sendeMail” method=”post action=”URL”></form>

one thing must be remember that every teg in html coding start the <….> and close the </> this form always start inside the body tag

some other tegs we need in this form and there are ol list stands for Ordered List attributes are, ol list,un list,li list item,dl diffination list. if you apply these tags in ol list & un list you designed a beautiful personal web page so understand this information with full of attention we next time discuss other tags in html


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