Independence day 14 august 1947 essay in urdu

Independence day 14 august 1947 essay in urdu

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Independence day 14 august 1947 essay in urdu

 Independence day has the greatest importance in the life of the human.As a bird not happy in the cage because bird also wants freedom as the human also want to get the freedom.If he have the blessing of the independence then pleasant winds blow around him and every moment for him in the real sense is the independence.In the country of Pakistan who is the great blessing of the Allah almighty.When Pakistan become then the world was thinking that it will not establish for the long term.If it is alive till now.So we can say that this is the reward of the Allah Almighty.We should get the importance of this beautiful land.Where are the precious minerals and the metals and the 4 seasons and the abundance of the natural resources are available.It is the state of the Muslims but now in the present year we are the Atomic power in the world and have the prominence in the world.


Independence day 14 august 1947 essay in urdu

When Pakistan become then the sacrifices of the human beings whose were our ancestors.They do the sacrifices for us and for the Green flag Pakistan.As the time is passing then we should do the deeds for the welfare of the country.As the Pakistani we should make the brotherhood in the societies because Islam also tells us the lesson of Brotherhood.If we not admit the teachings of the Islam then its mean that we are disgracing our faith.

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