OPPO N1 Mini with Rotating Camera Now in Pakistan

OPPO N1 Mini with Rotating Camera Now in Pakistan


oopi n1

In Pakistan, the OPPO, that has launched its new device namely N1 mini. And they show of its introducing price Rs.43900.

Here, I would like to tell you that this N1 mini device has rotating 13 MP Camera alongwith LED flash. As we know, rotating mean it has facility for rotating the camera according to our desire as well as has video calling facility. Once again, I would like to explain here that this N1 has facility of rotating camera, LED flash, video calling, amazing lenses, brighter during low lights etc.


Following are the specification of this N1 Mini:

1.6 Ghz Quad core processor cortex-A7,

Snapdragon 400 chipset,

There is no exernal card necessary in this Mini N1, because it has 2 GB of Ram and 16 GB internal memory in this device,

Supported WiFI, USB, Bluetooth etc

A 2140 Amp battery

Initially, it has two colors




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