Pakistani Actresses Which Have Done Plastic Surgery.Many actors and actress have to use the plastic surgery option to enhance their beauty and to look more attractive. If this plastic surgery is done in a proper way then it can really change the look of the actress or actor but if it is not done properly then it can damage your beauty. There are many Pakistani actresses who have done plastic surgery and their plastic surgery has totally changed them and now they look more beautiful and attractive.

Pakistani Actresses Which Have Done Plastic Surgery 

There are some of the Pakistani actresses who has done successful plastic surgery.

              Bushra Ansari

A versatile actress, singer and director Bushra Ansari did plastic surgery and now she looks more beautiful and young than her age. She had done the plastic surgery of her eyebrows and face.

Fiza Ali

Plastic surgery of Fiza Ali was not as successful in some perspective but it has totally changed her look. Plastic surgery of her lips went wrong.

                  Amna Haq

Supermodel Amna Haq successfully made her plastic surgery and a clear difference can be seen before and after plastic surgery. Her face, nose, neck and eyebrows look very different and more beautiful.

                   Sara Loren

Sara Loren who is also known as Mona Leza. She is a very talented actress and well known due to her good performance. She has made plastic surgery of her lips and it does not change her mush as she was already very beautiful.

Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch still looks as beautiful as she in her young times. Nobody can say that she has a daughter who is married. She has made many plastic surgeries which remain her young even in her 40’s.

                    Sidra Batool

Sidra batool is one of those actresses who looks more beautiful before her plastic surgery. She looks innocent and now her innocence has been changed into maturity but still, she is beautiful.

                Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat has totally changed after her plastic surgery and after that, she has become more popular. Her face has become thin and she looks more attractive. All the success she has now is just due to her plastic surgery.

                Amna Ilyas

She is a very popular model. Just because of her plastic surgery, she has totally changed from an ordinary girl to a successful model.

                Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is a super model and has become more beautiful after her plastic surgery. Her surgery has been successfully done and increase her attraction.

                  Sadia Imam         

Sadia imam was more beautiful before her plastic surgery. She does not look more change after that. Her lips and some other parts have been changed due to plastic surgery.

               Hadiqa Kiani

A good singer and very good looking. But this look has been possible due to the plastic surgery of her face. After her plastic surgery, she has become more successful in her field. Her beautiful voice and now her beautiful look both are her plus points.


Noor is a very good actress, host, and director. She got all her success after her plastic surgery and she looks more beautiful and attractive. With her amazing performance, her beautiful look is the keys to her success.

                  Nida Yasir

Famous due to her hosting and her beautiful looks. A great change has come after her plastic surgery and she has become more beautiful after plastic surgery. Now she looks cute and smart.

                          Sadaf Kanwal

Another example of successful plastic surgery is Sadaf Kanwal. She has totally changed with plastic surgery and has become famous model due to her attractive and beautiful looks.