It is the good news for the students that all the students who gave the examination 5th and 8th class they are passed by the Punjab Examination Commission .Students are happy to know that they are pass and have the secure in the class position .But some students were hopeless and this is the idea that there is the importance for that time when they know that they are pass but before they were thinking that they are fail .So that is the great time for them .Pec 8th and 5th result 2015 100%  lots of the schools .



Schools at the middle and the primary level students are involve in the examination 2015.Some times when the worry is near to you then the new thinking or the creative thinking not take place but some times bad times or the times of the hurdles and the worry provide to the man a good opportunity to make the new world which is the examples in the history that when the Thomas Edison was in the Laboratory and was busy with the new experiment he was busy but he was worry about the experiment that what will happen but soon he make the new world and the enlighten world which we see in the form of the bulb or the tube lights etc…