PIA Is Included in The Worst Airlines Of The World.PIA is the Pakistan’s best airline and recently a video has been viral in reveals the names of 5 worst airlines of the world. Name of those airlines are in following:

PIA Is Included in The Worst Airlines Of The World


1: Air Koryo

This airline is in North Korea and has been declared as the worst airline in the world. This airline got many negative reviews and the rating for this airline never get 5 stars.

2: Bulgaria Airlines
In the list of worst airlines, Bulgaria Air is the second number. The reviews which are given to this airline are even worst then this airline.

3: Nepal Airlines

On the third number, it is Nepal airline. This airline never gets rating more than 2 stars and is famous because of its low-quality performance.

4: PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)

Pakistan’s best airline is considering as the worst airline in the world. It is due to the last crash of PIA flight. But PIA has improved very mush than its early times and one day it will be the world’s best airline.

5: S. U. Airways

On the fifth number, U.S airways are the worst airlines. This airline is included in the list of the lowest airline safety rating.

These are five airlines which are the worst airlines in the world. Their food material, timing, performance and staff behavior are the major problems which are the main reasons of decline of these airlines.