Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif relief fund for idps 2014

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif relief fund for idps 2014

Now idps in Pakistan are important for providing the facilities to them and it is the nation of the Pakistan that we should become unite for them so that they whose have migrated from the north waziristan not feel alone.So every person understand here that help should be provide to them so Government of Pakistan is also taking step for the welfare of them.So Prime minister nawaz sharif make the prime minister relief fund so that a well known money will be collect for them which will be use for providing the facilities and the needs of life to them.

pm relief fund

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif relief fund for idps 2014 

These facilities will be provide for the migrated persons of Pakistan by the government of Pakistan.

-Food for them and food for animals of them

-Monthly 20000 rupees to them

-For ramzan extra 20000 rupees will be given to them


-Drops of polio for children

-Medical facilities

So aid may be provide for this relief fund by the branches of those banks whose are scheduled.

Human life is the important thing when they have left the houses due to the zarb e azab so they have the need of us that we will be the part of their family to provide the thing which they have need.Nations become when every person of the nation will be take part in the help of the other person with out any distinction.So give aid to them and get the nobleness by the Allah almighty.

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