Dress suits tana  bana collection for 2014 in different dress shades colors in different where linin and the different varieties different schemes of colors designs .Tana bana collection is brand of designers whose have good knowledge fashion designing and the color combinations of dress whose are in market and are the trendy.Designers of tana bana make suits for every event like casual dressing pattern and wedding dressing pattern.Quality of tana bana dresses is so much high that every material for the suits chose after checking and testing so that a good product may be derive after observation.


pink tana

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red saba red tana bana red tana red swiss lawn taan baana yellow white

Season wise collections are also in like summer collection 2014 and the winter collection 2014 which also take place every year.

Stylish boys and girls suits for every age group sometimes modern and sometimes ancient and sometime combination of modern and ancient because designers know that every dress pattern suit to every 2nd person so now stores in the different cities of Pakistan whose are accessible and providing this tana bana brand whose are interested to purchase so they go to the bazar and get the production wise well suits by tana bana dress company and people are comfortable to get this.Slogan of tana bana is that Hum mall nahe rishta jorte hain where is the comfortable way for the common customers.There is the quality check by the tana bana for every colorful and designed suits of tana bana brand.Collection for every year different like tana bana collection 2013,tana bana collection 2012,tana bana collection 2011,tana bana collection 2010 etc so with the passage of time more improvements are bringing and taking place in the quality and design of tana bana.[/sociallocker]

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