Top 10 Best inventions of Muslims Scientists

Top 10 Best inventions of Muslims Scientists.Muslim Scientists has made great inventions in every field of life. They introduced the world to new and amazing things. Some of the inventions of the Muslims Scientists are as follows.

Top 10 Best inventions of Muslims Scientists

1 Pinhole Camera:

Pinhole Camera was invented by Ibn Al-Haitham. He invented this camera in the 10th century and it was the most wonderful invent of that century.

2 :Parachute

Wright brothers had dreams to fly in the air like birds. They have made many attempts to fulfill their dream and they had become successful in flying with the help of an airplane and parachute too.

3 Shampoo and Soap:

A Muslim scientist whose name was Muhammad had invented the Shampoo and soap in the century of 1759. This invention had brought a great change in that century.

4 Windmill:

The Very First windmill was invented for the Persian caliph. This was used for girding corn and for drawing up water from wells. It was 500 years ago from now when the first windmill was used.

5 Vaccination:

Vaccination was first used in Turkey around about 50 years ago. This vaccine cured many dangerous diseases and save many lives. This was a great invention in the field of medicine.

6 Fountain pen:

In 953, for the Sultan of Egypt fountain pen was invented. The Sultan demanded a pen which would not spoil his hands then the scientists invent a fountain pen for him.

7 Cheque:

In the 9th century, Muslims businessman cashed a cheque in the bank of Baghdad. This cheque system was also invented by Muslims and had brought a great change in the bank system.

8 Carpets:

The first carpet was made in Iran and this was a great gift for the world from the Muslim Scientists. Before that, there was no concept of carpets in the people. Now many different styles of carpets are available in the market.

9 Chess:

Another great invention of Muslims is Chess. This game is for those who have great mind skills and use their brains very well. It was first played in Persia. Later on, it was played in Europe.

10 Gardens:

Muslims gave the idea of a garden. This first garden was made in a palace in Europe in 11th-century. The concept of garden making is still very famous in every corner of the world.

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