Top 10 CV Designs for 2017 that will definitely hunt job for you

Top 10 CV Designs for 2017 that will definitely hunt job for you

After having your degree qualification completed, the job hunt procedure starts. You submit your CV according to your qualifications, get an interview call and get selected on the basis of how you go with the interview process and impress the recruiter through your talent and skills.

CV consists of all your skill sets, objectives, goals and qualifications. You should be very careful while writing a CV for a particular job vacancy. Not only it matters that what is written in the CV, but its design also matters!

Does design of a CV matter?

Design of CV varies according to the job vacancy. Standard CV is the best and safest of all to consider, if you are a beginner. Normally if you have to apply in a place that is not too much competitive for example retail management, computing etc., you keep it safe by creating a standard CV.

However, if you CV has a good word count and you are applying in an area of heavy competition, then you should go for something different. But, not to forget, first you should focus on the content which should be right, focused and appropriate. What is written inside really matters, but the content and presentation matters too in creating a good impact on the recruiters and grabbing their attention at once. You need to take more risks with your CV just to get it noticed. However, it doesn’t mean to say that you should create CV design-wise only, the content should contain depth too. You need to keep the perfect balance between eye-catching design with a sharp promotion of your style

Remember not to include content such as graphics if it doesn’t hold any useful information, which is the main purpose behind writing a CV!

If a student has some designing background, for example, he or she has studied graphic designing or some design-oriented degree, then a well-designed CV would be expected from such students in this case only. Though presentation is important, but it doesn’t mean to create an extra-ordinary CV. You should keep the basics of CV writing in your mind always. It’s always the content, practical skills, and work experience that is the major interest of the employers, and also the evidence of what you have learned so far.

Let your real work decide your skill set, not the CV layout.

Once you do start introducing design element om your CV, the risk becomes higher as some of the recruiters may love your design, but others may hate it, so you should always show your CV to other people first and gather their useful suggestions and recommendations.

A well-formatted CV always works. Some large companies prefer a standard CV. Whereas some smaller companies may like an unusual CV because they have not so many CVs to look at.

Tips for designing a CV

While designing a CV, you should be careful about being moderate and not going for too much pompous looks. Following tips might help you out:

  • You can use a subtle watermark on borders of your CV. It might prove effective.
  • In order to stand out from the crowd, you should use a Landscape shaped CVswhich is wider than long and is even harder to format correctly. This shows that you are more hardworking than others and leaves a good impact on the recruiter.
  • You should avoid Book format CV which is basically a folded paper, and is awkward to print, copy or to even look at.
  • You can also keep a business card with mentioned work on it, this can somehow be a replacement for your CV in some cases.

Top 10 CV Designs for 2017 that will help you in nailing your job hunt procedure

The top 10 CV designs that are liked most by the recruiters are mentioned below. Each of these designs in unique and presents your CV very well. You should be careful about which design to choose according to the criteria of your job posting. Let’s have a look at these designs:

Project-based CV

A project-based CV is all aligned towards center with a space provided for images. You can include sample of your work in such CV, depending upon the type of application process you are going through.


This template proves to be the best if you have some kind of visual work and you want to demonstrate it or make it a part of your resume. Also, there is space provided to include a cover letter.

Two-column layout

It consists of a two-tone layout with two columns. You can fit a lot of information on your first page to grab the attention of the recruiter. Therefore, the two-column layout is the best way to write lots of information without making your page look smaller in size for gathering the information.

Minimalistic CV

Minimalistic CV helps a lot in creating a a good first impression on the recruiter with its minimalistic free resume template, which was created by a graphic designer named Patryk Korycki.

Basically, it is an AI file, and typeface it features is Open Sans. There are various fields available for entering details of education, interest, skills, and many more things.

It is a very stylish kind of CV design which incorporates a complete timeline and history of your past employment. It’s supplied in PSD, AI and INDD formats. CV features all the necessary details with a sidebar that holds your profile, references and timeline consisting of your employment history. Also, there is a section of online profile that shows how you utilize social media along with a software skills bar graph showing your exact skills.

Three in one CV

A three in one CV is a decent and simple design that is presented by Designscrazed. Furthermore, it is refined to an easy reading and clear section with an option to add icons and enlist your hobbies and interests to give it a nicer touch.

There is a zip file that contains 3 psd files that help in building your personal resume, cover letter and a portfolio web template according to your wish. Moreover, all the layers are well-grouped and editable in Photoshop.

Ultra-minimal CV

This kind of design helps you to print on a different paper color for added minimalism. It is considered perfect for communicating your work history and profile along with style.

There is also space for putting a picture of you, recommended approach is to use a black and white picture. You can even change the background color or print on some colored paper for a further stylish look.

CV design for icon fans

This design is famous for its super-stylish icons. If you want to focus more on icons, then choose this one, from the designer Fernando Baez.

It consists of a section-based design, along with stylish type and icons included. All of these designs are available in AI format and the icons are available in PSD format. Therefore, this type of CV design is ideal when you want to customize your own icon in order to demonstrate your interests and achievements.

CV design for type fans

This contains a large central column for typography to enlist your skills and proves out to be impactful. This central column helps you in adding details relevant to the job posting.

This CV design is available in AI format so you can easily export a PDF. It comes in in black and white to help you get more creative with colors.

Simple CV

A simple CV uses Open Sans that makes it easier to customize. Simplicity is the main idea behind this design. It is a type-based simple CV that holds the profile of the person at the top, followed by the experience and education in simple boxes with left-hand sub-headers.

Also, you can add a professional skills section that helps you in grading yourself out of five on the basis of software, code and the like.

Long CV

If your info is larger than the CV design you should go for a long CV. It is a modern resume with lots of space for everything you want to enlist about yourself for adding imagery and your personal logo or logotype in the header.

Also, there is provided a services list, skills graphs and client box. A comprehensive PSD resume that you may need to cut down to size a little.


The left side of this CV contains all your business information whereas the right one allows you to demonstrate your personality. It helps in casting a good impression on the employer, in cases when you don’t have lots of work experience and you don’t want any frills. It proves to be sufficient enough to hold all the information that you want to enlist or express personally, by your side, in your resume. Though it is a little bit lengthy than usual, but you can use this one if you have plenty of information to enlist.

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