Top 3 Android Apps/ Android apps Technology

android appps

Apps means applications or workings. Android Apps means all the functionalities of android phones that are build to facilitate the user in a best way. Android phones are latest technology. In Android a user can build an app according to his taste. android_the latest technology provide some built in apps.



Skype is a wonderful app of android phones. before android mobile phones Skype was only used in laptop or desktop computers but now android cellphones has facility of it.Now people can use Skype in a bus,in aeroplane in school,college,university,office means anywhere.they can enjoy this app & can make free calls and chatting using internet.

Navigator App:

navigator app

I think its a best and useful app of android inventions.Navigator App helps us to find way to reach our destination. It is latest technology. Some years ago this type of app was beyond the thinking of is just like a miracle. We put just place name where we want to reach and this app guide us at every step & we can reach our destination safe and sound.

Whatsapp Messenger:

android app

This is a messenger named Whatsapp that is used in android mobile systems. By using this app we can turn on from messaging to this messenger, we can send pics, our videos, audio, messages or can make calls free of cost. This is also a great application of this famous technology.

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