University of Lahore (UOL) Admissions Forms, Last Date & Entry Test 2016

University of Lahore is Pakistan's one of the most prestigious educational institutions which has

established its name and worth in imparting higher education to potential future employees. It is

considered a top-ranking private sector general Pakistani university since its establishment in 1999

by Mr M A Raoof funded by the Ibadat Educational Trust.

The student body has grown to 22000 across 7 exclusive campuses in several cities including Lahore,

Islamabad, Sargodha, Gujrat and Pakpattan with 11 different Faculties and 32 Departments including

Medicine and dentistry, Engineering, Arts and Architecture, Law, Languages and Literature, IT and

Social Sciences etc. It offers manifold disciplines which range from Medical and engineering to the

Arts and Social Sciences.

All this has been possible due to the great importance placed in balanced advancement and focus on

man power development. The excellent teaching facility and research quality has earned it

international acknowledgement. Strong linkages with International Linkages and knowledge sharing

and human resource development programs with other multinationals of Pakistan is to Lahore

University's advantage.

The students are provided with high quality training skill development programs alongside their

courses. The aim of the university is to provide education and training to the future builders of

Pakistan in an academic atmosphere through thorough and contemporary education and research

facilities. The main mission is to promote demand-driven courses to prepare a fecund human capital

that can help improve the economic development of the country.

Admissions are now open at University of Lahore (UOL) for academic year 2016-2017. The

Admissions schedule is as follows.

Last date to apply:

•By post: 20th July, 2016

•By Online and at Campus: 22nd July, 2016

Entry test date: 23rd July, 2016

Last date of admission application form: 20th July, 2016

The University of Lahore trusts in achieving foremost standards of education. Students are admitted

in the institution after a comprehensive admission process according to HEC requirements. The

university enrols students with qualifying educational background and potential success in future

higher training. After the admission applications in different courses are scrutinized by the

concerned fields the applicants have to give an admission test and an interview.

The past academic conduct, marks secured in admission test and performance in the interview

determine the eligibility of a candidate to be enrolled. Admission applications are only considered

only on a prescribed form which is a part of the prospectus. Applications through email have to be

followed by a pay-order in the name of the University of Lahore arriving up to the last date of


Admission is given according to the eligibility criteria for each programme and the final merit in the

admission test and interview by the admission committee of the department. All eligible applicants

are then issued "Admission Letter" by the particular department they applied in.


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