14 August Status and Quotes for Facebook

14 August Status and Quotes for Facebook-14 August is the day of Independence for Pakistan. This day is celebrated in the memory of 14 august 1947 when we got a independent country where Muslims may live with freedom. Before this partitioning situation was very worse.

14 August Jashn e Azaadi Dresses New Ideas

Muslims and Hindus cannot live together because their religion is totally different. Muslims eat Beaf while Hindus Worship it. Life style, dressing pattern is totally different of these two nations than how was it possible to keep them together?

14 August fb dp pics,status,quotes

happy independence day pakistan

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Allama Iqbal played a great role to achieve a separate country for Muslims. Allama Iqbal tried to awoke the Muslims from deep sleep of slavery while Quaid e Azam struggled hard to acquire this country where we all live with freedom. Sir syed Ahmad khan also playd an important role in the history of Pakistan.

14 August 2016 Independence Day Dresses

Each Pakistani want to celebrate this special occasion with his family and friends so social media provides opportunity to celebrate our happiness with all. we  can use facebookwhatsapp, twittter, skype for this purpose.

14 August Status and Quotes for Facebook are available here that you can update and share your happiness with all. this is a way of celebration and to express our heart glories.

14 August Status and Quotes for Facebook

14 August Status and Quotes for Facebook


Celebrating with you  the pride of being a Pakistani



Others Might have FORGOTTEN

But never Can I

May the Colors of my Country

Furls Very HIGH


Let’s Celebrate Freedom by promoting a human rights culture in which RESPECT, DIGNITY &  EQUALITY become a code to the living. This will be our role to live up the dreams of 1947.

14 august mubarik

Who knew that the day

Of 14 of August,

Will tell the World in a way,

that both East and West,

would come to know that,

A Country named Pakistan,

A Lovely place ; with sacred lands

and a home for a Muslim,

A Quide’s Effort; A poet’s Dream,

& a struggle of human Flood,

A new beginning beyond the stream,

Filled with the Muslim blood…



Its a Great Feeling to be a PAKISTANI

Let’s spread the Cheer all over!


Freedom is Never GIVEN

It is WON…


Freedom in the Mind,

Faith in the Words,

Pride in our Hearts,

& Memories in our Souls..


The Nation on Independence day.
independence day 14 august

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