14 august status & written speech on 14 august in urdu

14 august status & written speech on 14 august in urdu-This is the Month of Independence of Pakistan.14 August 1947 was a great day when Muslims of Subcontinent get the new state.It was the state on the name of Islam.Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood.If we meet with the other people and the people of other religion.

14 august and you 14 august status & written speech on 14 august in urdu

Then we should prove that we are human.And prove that we are Muslims.As Muslims are available in all over the world.As Islam spread due to peace and good character.So we should prove that we are good human.Meet with others with full heart and brotherhood.Listen other person every word and every sentence.

14 august status & written speech on 14 august in urdu

Other may be against of us.So it is the time we should build our energy level which will helpful for country.We should do and perform every deed.Which is helpful for brotherhood ,humanity and the progress of country.It is the great country of world.Now world want to become like Pakistan.Here is much potential but question is that how to use.

Quote of Quaid 

quotes of Jinnah

We should use the potential for the good deeds.Govt should make the good planning for the internal and external matters of country.Here is in Urdu Written speech available for the boys and girls .Who want to update status of Facebook,status of whats app and the other applications.They can update status on other social media sites.Here is the written speech in Urdu status available online.

Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the greatest leader of subcontinent.Who is the founder of Pakistan.He worked hard day and night.And prove on the world that when we want to do any thing then we can do.That was the potential of Jinnah who proved.All were against and saying that it is impossible.

But Jinnah proved that It is possible.So from the Life of Jinnah we can get a great lesson  of work hard.If we work hard then we can achieve a goal which is the real destination.So Jinnah told us that in world nothing is impossible .If we will work then we can reach towards the goal.

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