Ayyan Ali latest pics in jail

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Most popular pakistani modol Ayyan Ali latest pics in hearing court. everyone knows when people spend a long time in jail they are so upset their health is so effected, but Ayan is very fresh. Before her health very weak but now she looks amazing well she says that her experience in jail is very bad.Ayaan taking very healthy food like that fruits,juices,mutton.Before she sleeps maximum 3 to 4 hour but now she taking full of rest.Her room is full of decorate,beautiful cortains and wood furniture everything is amazing in her room.She make movie for her bad situation.Ayyan’s lawyer informed the court that Ayyan face many problems in jail she was getting many allergies so she needed medication for good health.many policeman insist their officers that they performed the security duty to Ayan. because it is the only way to see the modol Ayan Ali  now you see latest pictures of modol Ayyan Ali in jail and hearing court.

ayan ali in jail

Ayyan Ali latest pics in jail

Ayyan Ali latest pics in jail

Ayan Ali now a days in very bad condition before she perform so famous modling shows.recently she start singing. all other modols meets her in jail now see all new pictures of Ayan Ali from here online.

ayan ali photos

ayan ali jail pics

Modol Ayyan Ali Biography and latest pics

Ayan Ali’s career was started in very early age when she 16 she performed in Ramp she also so popular actress.she lokks in uphone commercial and sunsilk similarly much more.watch online Ayan Ali hot and beautiful pics.

pakistani modol ayan ali pics

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Ayyan Ali Biography

Date of Birth: 30 July, 1993

Birth Location: Dubai

Star: Leo

Occupation: Actress and Modol

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Language: Urdu and English

Hight: 5’9″

Shoe Size: 7


she is very friendly her nature is so cute now she perform in movies.she lived in Karachi.her close friend is Nadia Hussain.

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