budget 2015-16 pensions and salary increase

Government of Pakistan and the finance Minister Ishaq Dar.It was the time of wait after a one year that in this budget government employee will get the relief as there was a increment maximum 10 % in the previous budget 2014-15 but now in this year budget pays and pensions increase 7 % which is very low ..


budget 2015-16 pensions and salary increase

How a poor employee can afford the financial needs that every product of Market is going towards the rate increase day by day but there are few resources to fulfill the needs .In the present days if we look towards the government department then we can analyse that pays are less but the burden on govt employee is much.

Salary increase Chart online budget 2015-16 for govt employees 

pay increase chart

Pay increase chart budget 2015-16 is presenting that you can check that how much your pay will increase .But it is very less .If we make the comparison of ppp govt and pmln govt according to the pay increase then we can reach that ppp govt is in the right of the govt servants but pmln govt in against the govt servants . As the time is passing ,new attentions and ideas in the system but now it is the need of the your that salaries should be increase at least 10 % …

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