Final Verdict about Cryptocurrency Future.Dead Money or Alive?

Final Verdict about Cryptocurrency Future.Dead Money or Alive?Cryptocurrency is a new hype  of the today arena .Everyone is talking about Bitcoin. There are Ethereum  and other coins are also in the market.

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There are near about 800 to 1000 coins in the market but the main thing that make us astonished about every cryptocurrency is that what it has reserved at backend to generate new coins like in banking . .With each and every passing day the Bitcoin is going to be at Higher and higher.Rate is increasing dynamically for sometime it’s over 18000 $ but mostly from $14,000 to $18,000.Everyone want to invest in cryptocurrency without knowing its true reality that its virtual money .

Cryptocurrency Future

The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Currently many people are interested GPU Mining means solving complex problems and get reward in the form of fractional amount .Now Question,what is the GPU mining Rig .Mining Rig is computer that is prepared with heavy system resources using Graphic cards to solve complex problems and to make currency decentralization  possible What mining is that solves the equation and problems in the computer and generate a new cryptocurrency coins.People are investing in cryptocurrency specially in Bitcoin and ethereum those are now a days on its speak while few others are interested in the GPU mining Rig and they are preparing special computers to mine.

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People are heavily investing in the crypto currencies however some countries have banned these currencies especially when it comes to the China ,America due to the fact that  there is no some sort of gold are some other thing is secured at the back end .Crypto currency is a virtual currency that does not have any practically into the existence but it is a virtual reality and people are considering it as a big thing and they want themselves its part.

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Keep in mind that  without the government and without the authoritative  no system can be controlled and in case of any problem or issue like fraud no one is responsible .It means that society is investing in to cryptocurrencies due to their greed and want there savings double ,triple and fourth and so on  People are investing day by day ,Investments are increasing.

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Cryptocurrency is not a centralised. Due to its feature of  decentralized currency ,how you can make it stop that in order to stop a currency you have to stop the entire mining system.. So what is the final verdict and what are the final opinion from our side we can say only one thing at this  time is that time  would prove its is  true or fake or its like a bubble however people who are investing must have to take care in their investments.

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No country is giving backup support to cryptocurrency but who cares about it and if you tell this to some common man and say that I have a cryptocurrency he would remain unable to understand .cryptocurrency must be acceptable until that this currency is not acceptable on each and every point of sale how you can make your transaction in practical. Bitcoin founder satoshi is just an a virtual character and no one no about it .

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Last thing that you have keep in mind that a currency can take its grounds if you can buy common things with it and it is  accepted everywhere. Suppose you have to buy apples or  you have to buy a banana and the market say yes cryptocurrency is a way of payment then its ok .Suppose you want to buy a car or you want to buy some parts of your car or whatever you want to purchase a cryptocurrency.



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