How I can make my car secure


Which tracker is best with minimum expense?

In this article you will be able to get information about car safety I shall try my best to give u cheap and easiest solution about car tracking to make your car secure on public spots. we most of the time worried about car due to its security issues and fear of car lost. Normally we uses car to move on public spots. We have to daily commute on public places like office, grocery, shopping, markets, hospitals, airports etc. Similarly if you do business of uber or careem. Chances of car snatching or lost are more. But the most important thing in car tracking is your affordablity and needs you want some reliable tracking device in your car that provide you the true location and positioning of your car . You can find solutions of tracking by typing queries like which car tracking is best for me, which tracking company is cheapest in the market.We can also find OBD device oriented tracking system.But when it comes to cost, you are not happy with the pricing.

Solution for tracking car can be divided into two categories

1 GPS based Tracking devices 2 OBD tracking devices Some cars does not support obd and we have to use a GPS based tracking device. However whether obd or tracking GPS based system following are the key features being provided.

1 Real Time Tracking

You can find true location of your car on map. Location can be found on laptop and on your smart phone as well. Tracking device will tell u longitude and latitude. So your car can be visible on map and it helps you a lot.

2. Trip History.

If you want to see your car day movement, history feature all your needs easily.

3. Alerts.

Your tracker provide you alerts about all various car mechanisms as under over speeding alert, start of day alert, route deviation alert and excessive stoppage alert, one can analyze driver behavior, Idling Alert, Stoppage Alert, Tampering Alert, Over-speeding Alert.

4. Anytime Anywhere Access.

  You can access car tracker web or Android app ports easily any where. You can also ask company to intimate your car location. Simply any device with browser or app support can provide your car location information.

5. Geo Fencing.

Geo-fencing makes you alert when a car goes beyond that geographical boundary you will get intimation via alerts.

6. Easy Installation

GPS tracker can be adjusted via an electrician or diagragram helps you however obd tracker is plug and play mechanism that supports u in multiple tracking mechanisms. However each tracker has its own features and varies depending upon their price. online gps system @

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