Indian Actresses education..You will astonish i bet?

Indian Actresses education..You will astonish i bet?.When you see Indian super actress like Kareena Kapoor or beautiful Depika pudkon and many times you have heared there english i bet you will astonish when i say some of them are not even intermediate or graduate .You love these celebrities based on their style ,glamour and sparky and smashy English tune.But oh sad when we talk about


Deepika pudkon pic


When we talk about Depika who has taken part in various movies as student like in Yeh jawani Dewani Astonishing fact is that she is not graduate..we mostly got impressed by their personalities .She has taken admission in Mount carmeel school but cant be graduate


similarly Paryanka chopra education is also not graduation.She taken admission in American and Indian school

butt cant be graduate.Similarly Kareena kapoor did commerce and taken admission in Law college but due to movies not able to continue .Similarly Ashwariya Rai Bachan has same education not graducation..


بالی ووڈ کی سپر ہٹ حسینائیں تعلیم میں بری طرح فلاپ ہو گئیں – ایکسپریسس اردو


These actresses have not seen university life and university face but its one more thing these actresses are doing work as Ambassadors and other high official posts that a Phd doctor cant reach.So matter of fact is that what so ever you do,do it with passion and care..


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