iPhone 7 full specifications and price in pakistan

iPhone 7 full specifications and price in pakistan

iPhone 7 full specifications and price in pakistan

apple is large company that always introduce amazing featured gadgets,laptops, mobile phones etc. apple iphones are gaining more popularity day by day due to their extra-ordinary specs and gadgets. we all know about apple iphone 5, 5C then 5S. after that iphone 6 and 6 plus was introduced by apple. question is that what will by next iphone by apple ??

There are many rumours about this but no one has confirm information that what will be name of  new apple iphone. This is hearsay that new apple iphone will be iphone 7 that may be called iphone 6S.

When iphone 7 or 6S will be released ?

the 2nd recently asked question is about its release. if we study the history than we will come to know about apple trends. apple mostly launches iphones in september. so the gossips about iphone 7 release date says that it may be released on 8 or 28 september 2015. then we will see it Pakistan soon.

Apple iphone 7 price ?

It is confirmed that this mobile phone will introduce latest features so hearsay is that it will be expensive phone due to its high features. iphone 7 price in pakistan will be announced soon after its release so we all are waiting for this fantastic featured fone.

Iphone 7 specs and full features ?

we are assuming superb features in new apple gadget with such specifications :

iPhone 7 full specifications and price in pakistan

Touch Screen :

iphone 7 screen

 Apple i phone 7 screen will be  obviously touch screen having  large display size and many gadgets appearance upon it. iphone screen size is assumed as 4.7 inches or 5.5 but it must be reliable.

iphone 7 Memory :

iphone 7 memory

cheaper memory lower the cost so expandable memory will use in the iphone 7. people want to buy phones with low memory and low price. no doubt apple iphone 7 will be much costly but lower memory may reduce its price to some extent.

iPhone 7 Battery:

iphone 7 battery

iphone 7 may provide the replaceable battery facility. means portable battery is possible. instant recharge battery may be its key feature.

Apple iphone 7 or 6S keypad or keyboard:


kepad of iphone 7 would have qwerty layout that is a standard keyboard type to facilitate users. this latest apple phone may offer to customize keypads in which user can select such keyboard that is compatible for them according to their choice.

Default Settings:

default settings

Different mobile phone companies provide different functionalities. one of the key feature is settings by default that provide fone backup of basic setting. iphone does not support this feature but consumers are waiting for this feature in new iphone.

Camera :


People expect better quality camera in all touch phones, android mobiles and iphones. next iphone 6 may provide more improvement in camera quality.

Latest Mode:

drunk mode in iphone

Drunk is such a mode that avoid us from doing mistakes and alarm us when we are not active and want to save from wrong sending of messages or calls. this mode is very helpful because we can stop ourselves from mistakes or it can be used as a fun.

Iphone widgets and apps :

iphone widget

Widgets and app expectations increase with every passing time. reliable mode provide comfort to user. with the passage of time new apps are introducing so their icon must be supportive by ur phone. apple take much care of user so it provide larger and better display.

Battery Charging:

battery charging

Iphone 7 means apple iphone 6s will provide efficient charging. charging makes a mobile perfect so long term battery should have each mobile because this is need of time so we all are waiting for this mobile.

Operating System:

ios 9

IOS 9 is expecting. this operating system is not released yet but hope this OS will be more better than others.

We all are waiting for this Iphone 7 release. Are You ?

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