Elections of local bodies 2014 in 3 provinces of Pakistan going to held in 3 provinces(Punjab,Sindh and Kpk) of Pakistan ..In Punjab and Sindh elections local with formal system as become before in past but Elections local in Khabarpakhtoon khawah will be with bio metric system (an international polling system)which is available in the big countries of Europe and we can say this a computerized electoral system also now in Pakistan by which the bogus votes is not allowed .Now the  time of elections in pakistan so the local bodies elections 2014 pakistan is becoming .In streets people are talking about election and everywhere the  talks of the election election that everybody is passionate about them that Some candidates whose are trying to prove that they are the  best candidate and begging the vote from people ..But it is a critical thing that most of the candidates are not matric qualified they only know write their names and  nothing know anything else then how they understand people and how they can work for the progress of the country ..


For participation as candidate should be a merit that will show the candidate capability but unfortunately in Pakistan ,he is qualified who can speak loudly but it is not real capability ..There is a suggestion from us that if the degree qualification imposed then the new change can take place also in Pakistan ..Pakistan is the land where all types of minerals and salts and the four season which is the blessing for the people of it but every institution is away from the real sense and work ..Now the dates are coming ,soon that process of election will do and it is the thing in paksitan that people are very passionate about this topic because they want to see the good candidate who can work for them like Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah(founder of Pakistan ) which is the dream for the people but is a hope for them .There is the journey to become a good nation that world admit us .And this question is able to talk from ourselves that are we patriotic to the country and can we devote everything for the country?this is the tough question for us but able to understand .

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