Networking Can Help you Find a Job like Nothing Else


Networking Can Help you Find a Job like Nothing ElseNetworking is sometimes taken in the wrong spirit and meaning and people misunderstand it for trying to force yourself into other people’s life for selfish reason. If the idea of networking sounds forced or unnatural, you are going about it all wrong.


Misconception about networking

Most of us think that networking is a necessary evil and that’s why we have to do it. People all around the world try to form new groups and play a tit for tat in the name of networking. But, this is all wrong. Networking is all about building a circle where you have common work related interests with the people you spend your most time around. It’s just like any other friendship where you share the movies you like or the places you visit very often or sometimes your childhood stories. In networking, all you have to do is find the people that can help you grow as a person and take you towards your end goal. This not only means that they can get you jobs but it is proved that being around people who share the same goals and ambitions can actually take you closer to your own dreams and make you more determined and ambitious.

Do it with all your heart and admiration

Have you ever seen two people being friend who don’t admire each other? Maybe yes, but can you even call them friends? Networking also requires admiration and honesty. You have to understand the following facts before you build connections;

  1. No one is as foolish to not be able to differentiate between real friends and pretenders. So, Don’t fake it
  2. Have you ever seen anyone do favors for someone they don’t like? Well no! That’s just not how favors work.
  3. Try to put in as much effort as you can in helping your peers.
  4. Don’t let the idea of the advantage and favor you can get from someone consume you.

Are you a Millennial?

A millennial tends to make a bigger deal out of networking as compared to the new and young blood that is already so much into social media that networking and interaction does not seem pretentious or alien to them. This is why given below are some of the tips that can help anyone get out of their shell and get to work.

No More Golf Appointments

Remember those days when all the eminent and sensitive professional meetings used to happen over formal drinks and golf appointments. Well if you do remember them, it’s high time you let that thought go.


Although you can still discuss business over the more formal networking events, don’t wait on them for weeks or months, just get out there and try to interact with people on a daily basis. It is time to give networking a more free and informal meaning, let’s think of it as building connections or forming friendships.

Burst Your Bubble

Isn’t it extremely easy and comfortable staying in your circle and forming a bubble around you? Yes, but it is also quite boring in there sometimes if not all the time. You might not accept it right away, but it does strike at some point in time. So, you have got to pop your bubble and not only keep in touch with the people that were in your circle already but also build new connections every day. You don’t have to wait on an occasion to do that. Give some time to analyze your daily routine, when you go out, travel, stand in the elevator, eat in a restaurant, attend a conference or a seminar and go to your gym or yoga class.


Find Them Online

Don’t make shyness an excuse to not connect with people and don’t wait to be forgotten by people because they tend to do that very easily. Just like you, the people you are meeting are also meeting a number of people every day if not more. So, as soon as you get home form a social event, make yourself count by dropping in a text or find them on the many social media sites.


Visiting cards and landline numbers don’t do you any good these days and therefore, you have to connect with people while their memory is fresh. Choose any one social networking site and send them a friend request or a message. When you do this, keep in mind why you have to choose just one source to connect with them, you don’t want to come on too strong and give bad and uncomfortable vibes to the other person.

Find Your Career Guru/Mentor

Giving respect to those who are older or more experienced can actually take you a long way. Sometimes, there are people who like to share their expertise and do some good for other people and these are the people you need to have to guide you through your career. These are not the simple one time connections; these are the long-term relationships that help you through all kinds of situations. A mentor or a guide not only helps you find a job but also helps you realize when it is time to leave a job and move on. They will help you negotiate raises and also evaluate job offers. This help can also be taken from various websites that are there to look for a job. All of these websites work in the same manner as a career guru. Some of the most amazing websites to find jobs in Pakistan are LinkedIn and Can Help you Find a Job

Work Friend Are More Important Than You Think

It’s the easiest type of networking. While you are at your workplace, trying to build good connections with other people, that is the time that counts. This is important as you know that you are not going to be doing the same job for the rest of your life but neither would be your coworkers. As a team of one work place spreads, your network increases to a vast level.


Keep your end of the Bargain

You can never expect people to go out of their way and help you if you are not there for them in their time of need. Develop the habit to do as much as you can to play your part whenever your peers and friends are in trouble or need a favor. People don’t forget the difficult times and the people who were there.


Don’t try to come up with a detailed strategy, just take two things with you when you are out networking, Your Heart and Your Mind


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