NEW CHALLENGES IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT 2017-2018.Supply chain management has become one of the frequently used term owing to its applicable importance. During the present times, managers strive to improve the performance of their organizations. For such people, the trouble is that; all too often, the real meaning of supply chain is lost. Instead, a casual observer might get a better understanding about the activities of an organization. This is observed due to evident activities of intensive efforts to improve supplier management.

Well! This blog is about the challenges that a supply chain professional faces with respect to its customers.


We live in a place where technology is out of no one’s reach. The customers are now demanding the right product, at right time and with the most reasonable prices. It can also be stated that current supply chains are growing into more complex way due to several factors among which customer demands ranks prior. The demand of customers creates challenges for the companies since coming up with both responsive and cost effective supply chains is very much crucial. Every company wants to reduce its cost but when it focuses on reducing the cost than it can’t assure the best performance. Therefore, the main challenge that the companies go through, in the field of supply chain is that they need to cope up with these two things which are also the types of challenges in supply chain.

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Supply chain cost reduction is one of the biggest challenges that a company faces!

Companies have adopted the strategy to relocate their manufacturing to low cost countries around the world in order to meet the price expectations of customers. It is also an effort to reduce direct and indirect cost and minimize taxes. Adopting global suppliers is a challenge of its own as well. Customers not only demand less priced goods but also want their desired product on their doorstep.



Global supply chains are complex!

The product features are constantly changing so the challenge is getting bigger day by day to satisfy a large chunk of its customer. Today, when one product is launched, customer expects from companies to come up with some new innovation on the next day. For a company, offering complete innovativeness to its customers is the key role. BUT……. It is a challenge again! To enhance, innovate or to come up with some big or improved product, companies ideate their research to redesign their supply network and meet market demand in a way that is transparent for the customers.


Another factor that grants a challenge is the quest for new customers!

The cost invested in developing a product, from R&D to product introduction, is weighty. Therefore, companies are trying to expand their circulation around emerging markets, in order to grow returns and increase market share. Corporations all around the world are likely to expand in their home and overseas markets. The introduction to new markets is difficult due to tradeoff strategies, freight fees, and government policies.

Customers’ prospects nowadays are more challenging than ever!

As labeled here, companies have replied with global networks, product revolution, and market developments. This means that companies now rely on supply chain managers to augment their worthcuffs in order to stay viable. As such, it’s no wonder that these experts are in high petition. So customers mark as the control in any supply chain management.



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