online budget punjab 2015-16 in pakistan

Punjab is the big province of Pakistan where the importance of the budget planning is high.It is the idea that when the announcement of Budget of Any province in country then the focus on the basic necessities of life.As every person have the need of the food and drink so a common man wants that food and drink products will become cheap …And the persons whose are relate with any government job then they want that the pay will be increase in a suitable measures ..

online budget punjab 2015-16 in pakistan 

developed budget capital gains

Every person of the society search and look the budget according to him because as you know that lots of the products which are the basic necessities of life are in high rates but a common man wants that products for the daily life should be in the low cost …Budget making technique is the important thing for the government if it is the province government or the federal government ..It is the suggestion that economists should be participate in the process of the budget making.Because they can analyse the measures which are important for the progress of the country.

Federal Budget 2015-16 Pakistan

Pakistan budget of federal government 2015-16 was not according to the necessities of life ..because in the budget 2015-16 ,government take the steps for the powerful persons or the persons who are rich …It is said that in Pakistan a person who is corrupt is the most powerful and he can do every thing which he wants but a person who is not rich cannot do any thing …It is the suggestion that not focus on the single department but focus on all the departments ..As in the present days some departments by the government of Pakistan are in the focus mode but other departments are not focused budget punjab 2015-16 in pakistan ..It is the suggestion that Islamic values in the society should be increase and grow as a Molvi who should be educated …If government appointing a Molvi then they should appoint a Molvi at least with the education of the graduate with the 100 Marks test and with the knowledge of the Quran and Hadith then that type of Molvi will guide the society in the real track which is the track of the Allah Almighty …Now you can idealize that every department is important in the society that a Person who is with M.A Psychology then he have not any job in the society but it is the need of the time that motivate every type of knowledge so that Persons whose are away from the stream so they can also take part in the progress of the country …We can make the hope just that Punjab Budget 2015-16 will be helpful for every common person …

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