pakistan 14 august status for facebook whatsapp

pakistan 14 august status for facebook whatsapp-Happy Independence day 14 August 2016.Nation is waiting for this day.Specially youngsters as warm bloom ,they want to celebrate this day.Not just they want to celebrate but with full zeal and emotions.It is also a important factor.Independence is a precious gift for every creature of universe.Some kinds of any creature may be slave as human.As we are slave of the sects,languages,colors,castes and creeds.So best human is that he respect other.

pakistan 14 august status for facebook whatsapp

pakistan 14 august status for facebook whatsapp

fb status 14 august whatsapp status for 14 august

Man come in this universe and on earth free.But due to the lots of the schemes man was bound to become slave.Independence day of Pakistan is a prominent day in the history.When a country become free in the subcontinent.Pakistan is not just a country but have the bright history in it.Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the leader who gave us Pakistan.Today is the age of the social media specially facebook and whatsapp .So here we are presenting the status of facebook and status of whatsapp .

This is the time when we should become unite and help each other.Then we can say that we are the human.For Becoming Pakistani Muslim,We should become human.If we become good man then we can become Pakistani.If we become Pakistani then we can become good Muslim.Patriotism for any Muslim is very important thing.As Pakistan become for the name of the Islam.

So here it is the duty for us that we should perform the islamic duties.As the awareness level increasing in people then the celebrations of 14 august increasing.Which is the good thing .We know that all the big countries of the world celebrate the independence.So it is the hope that in this year also the nation will celebrate this day with full zeal .So this is the great day for us.We should be thankful to Allah because Allah gave us great country of world.

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