Pakistan Going to Launch Space Mission in 2022

Pakistan Going to Launch Space Mission in 2022-Pakistan Becoming an Economy which will meet the International challenges.As Time is passing New Advancements also taking place in Pakistan.That is the time when Pakistan Minister Fawad Ch Told to Media that Pakistan will Launch Space Missing in 2022.Space Mission is the Need of Pakistan in Present time to join Hands with International Discoveries and International Inventions.Space Mission May Be the Name of Mars MissionĀ 

Pakistan Going to Launch Space Mission in 2022

Need is that More Scientists and experts should appoint in Sparco(Pakistani Space Institute) so that they can make possible for the latest discoveries .It is the Important when they have launched Mission because time is not far.Modern Telescopes are require so that they can see towards the stars and planets.Because when they are going .It should be purpose.Ambition should be set that for which ambition we are launching mission.

Today Idea is the Idea that Space Science is the science of Future.So If Pakistan want to run on the road then hard work is require.It is true that here are the fertile Minds and the Lots of the New ideas.As Pakistani Girl or Pakistani Scientist working in Nasa .That is the Prove that if aims are powerful then Human being can achieve the Goals.

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