Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay 14 August

Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay 14 August. There were disputes and lot of quarrels between Muslims and Hindus before partitioning. They always use to fight for their religion, their customs and for their events. totally different nations was trying to live together that was impossible. no one was independent so to celebrate freely.

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Muslims were spending the life of slavery. They were disappointed. Each country has its own faith and each nation want to spend their life according to their religion. Many great people play an important role for the independence of Pakistan as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Sir Syed tried to educate and aware the Muslims so they may recognize their rights. they construct many institutes for this purpose as ali gharh college that was changed into university later on. He derive a Tehrik for this purpose. Molana Shibli Nomani also played a memorable role in the history of Pakistan.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal who got the title of  ‘POET OF EAST’. He played main role in this struggle. They tried to awoke the Muslims from slumber of slavery by the help of their Poetry. His poetry was a medicine that gave the hope to Muslims and zeal to fight for their rights. Muslims awoke and started struggle for their separate homeland. Sir Iqbal gave a Dream of Separate country where Muslims may live according to Islam.

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah fullfilled this dream of Iqbal. By His bravery we got this sweet and beautiful country Pakistan. He was a great leader of Muslims. He gather the Muslims by a Tehrik named ‘Muslim League’. Atlast we got Pakistan on 14th of August 1947. Name of Pakistan was suggested by ‘Ch. Rehmat Ali’. Now we are independent nation. we should celebrate this freedom because this was not so easy. This freedom took the lives and blood of many people then we got it.

Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay 14 August

speech competitions are held on this special occasion of Jashn e Azadi Pakistan in different schools, colleges and universities. Every Pakistani want to show his loyalty for this homeland.

Pakistan independence day speech in urdu 

Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay 14 August

Pakistan Independence Day Speech/Essay 14 August

Pakistan Independence day speech in English

14 august speech in english

Pakistan Independence Day essay

14 august essay

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