Pay Increase in Budget 2018-19

Pay Increase in Budget 2018-19.We describe complete information about Pakistan Budget 2018-19.Pay Increase in Budget 2018-19.

According to the newspaper “Daily Aaj” Federal Government Pakistan decided to increase salaries 10% to 20 %.Pension increase 20 % to 25 %.It is just news not final decision.Budget 2018 will appear June 2018.So the month of June is very important for all govt employees because every one waiting for upcoming budget 2018.

Latest News Salary Increase Pakistan Budget 2018-19

Watch Online New Update Pakistan Budget 2018-19 Pay Increase

How Increase Budget 2018-19  Pension

Pakistan Federal Govt decide to increase pension In Budget 2018 20 % to 25 %.

How Increase Budget 2018-19 House Rent Allowance 

Prime Minister Of Pakistan Shahid Khakan Abbassi approved this letter.In which increase house rent allowances.

How Increase Budget 2018-19 Medical Allowance

Expected increase Medical allowance in Budget 2018-19 20 %.For more detail given above this post so click this video to watch online latest update about Pay Increase Budget 2018-19.Hope you will like this article please keep visit our web site watch all latest news thank you so much for watching our website…

Pay Increase in Budget 2018-19

Pay Increase in Budget 2018-19 Latest News

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Budget 2018-19 Pakistan Salary Increase

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Salary Increase in 2018

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