Prize bond results for 40000 July 2016

The July 2016 prize bond was held in Lahore and was be for the people with PKR 40,000 Bonds. This was the 13th prize bond for the year 2016.

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The prize bond draws are held twice a month. National bonds of PKR 40,000 were held in

Lahore this year. The scheduled date was 1 st June 2016. According to national saving system,

the first bond of Rs. 40,000 carried a prize of Rs. 75,000,000 that was awarded to one lucky

winner while the second prize of Rs. 25,000,000 was awarded to three winners; the third prize

of Rs. 500,000 being awarded to about 1,696 people. Each prize bond list was updated

immediately after the results were announced on different local websites like, prize and

A prize bond is a lottery bond that was issued on behalf of the Irish Minister of Finance by prize

bond company ‘United’. These bonds were first officially authorised under the 1956 Finance

(Miscellaneous Provisions) Act. It acts as a golden investment and are available in the

domination of PKR 200, 100, 750, 1,500, 7,500, 15,000, 25,000 and 40,000. The draws are held

under a common draw method and the number of prizes are same for each series, however,

the prize amount is respective to certain changes. The prizes are distributed equally and in a

way acceptable to all. It is a lawful source providing poor and middle class with investment


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