punjab budget 2015-16 pakistan online

Punjab Government is going to announce the Punjab Budget soon in which there are lots of the expectations of the people and the nation.It is the fact that from the federal budget 2015-16 there were the expectations but government not present the nation friendly budget in which if we talk about the employee people then they increase the 7 % ┬ásalaries but they increase the salaries of the federal sectaries at least 100 % …It is the injustice with the nation and people ..

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punjab budget 2015-16 pakistan online

Every year budget present but in this year budget presented which is not the well budget for the nation …But they give the relief to the factories and the business men whose are rich but it is the need of the time if they want to get the vote then they should give the relief to the common man because mostly persons in the Pakistan are the common man…But it is possible that Punjab budget 2015 and 16 will be friendly budget …Soon you can get the figures of the budget punjab 2015-16…Now here you can get more and more news and the reviews about the latest news etc ….which is the important thing for the common thing ,nothing for the common man but also the special person etc…

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