Road Safety and Security in Pakistan

Road Safety and Security in Pakistan.Today we are just going to discuss about road safety and security in Pakistan .In Pakistan traffic is Hustle and bustle and everywhere/.There are many cars, motorbikes, rickshaw ,tractor trolley , trucks and cars on the roads. Bigger problem is the encroachments on the roads.There are also shopping Plazas  on the roads who have exceeded their shops from their limits and they have make a special sheds outside their shops and similarly there are many shopping Plaza as well in the city who don’t have the parking.

Traffic Rules For Students:

A major problem is arising due to slow moving traffic especially in the small cities and even in some big cities even when we see the Gujranwala Faisalabad,Multan.

Important Points Of Road Safety Rules:

Slow moving vehicles, animal driven carts and the motorbikes must be driven on the left side of the road.While cars must have to be driven on the right side of the road .In Pakistan most of the roads are single roads  on which traffic is moving on both directions Traffic coming from the opposite side must not be disturb vehicles from both sides.Driving style pattern are another major reason that I have to explain right .Road engineering is one of the key factor that can play a major role in smooth flow of traffic . When we talk about road and safety there comes three major things which are known as 3Es .

1-Road Engineering

2-Traffic Education


Road Safety Rules in Pakistan:

Frankly speaking the road engineering is not good in Pakistan.Further roads in Pakistan are not designed properly and there are many kinds of encroachment .Similarly there are many bigger boards and advertisements are on the roadside which is causing disturbance.

5 Road Safety Rules:

Commercialization on the roadsides is another reason of traffic flow hindrance due to many factors like  there are shopping Plaza,shops, petrol pump, nurseries and even the school Institutions colleges and Universities are also increasing road congestion.

Now we have to see the factors that can make a road safety better.

5 Traffic Rules:

  • Know Your Signals.
  • Stop, Look, And Cross.
  • Pay Attention – Listen.
  • Don’t Run On Roads.
  • Always Use Sidewalks.
  • Crossroads and Pedestrian Crossing.
  • Never Stick Hands Outside The Vehicle.
  • Never Cross Road At Bends.

Traffic Rules For Students:


First thing is Road conditions. Roads  must be repaired by the concerned authority by concerned authority like  capital Development Authority or any sort of other authority that is working on the road .

2nd prime important thing is a road safety and Traffic Education. We are teaching  our kids and  giving the better education we’re telling them about technology,science ,information technology and many other Sciences that we want to indulge in the mindset of our the kids but we don’t want to ensure their safety,We never teach kids about the rules, road safety,Traffic signals,l road markings.

Signals are actually the roadside lights:

  • Red
  • Yellow and
  • Green

While traffic signs are the road furniture and the boards that are hanged on the roadside

Sign boards are also of three kinds they are

  • Mandatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Informatory signs

Mandatory signs:

Warning signs:

Informatory signs:

We are also preparing new episodes of Road safety and you can read on our stay turned.

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