Samsung S9 Leaked Pictures,S9 Specification-Ram-Processor-Internal Memory-Camera.

Samsung S9 Leaked Pictures.S9 Specification-Ram-Processor-Internal Memory-Camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design and Features

Samsung a South Korean giant  is again ready for a new flagship device that is named as Galaxy S9 .After browsing many  websites on Internet for Galaxy S9 design we have seen and return back the same photos of Galaxy S8 but when we have seen the status there is a status at the bottom it is leaked photo of Galaxy S9 .Galaxy S9 is quite similar in their shape ,design and overall look .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specification

However it is expected that Galaxy would introduce S9 into two variants .One is Galaxy S9 that is with with single camera and Galaxy S9 Plus that is with the dual camera .There is also a video on the Internet that is showing front and back side of this phone which looks quite similar to S8.One thing more that is also expected about Galaxy S9 is that it would be capable of taking 1000 photo per second more than the Sony Xperia Z.Another rumor about this phone is it would have a small Chin at the bottom but another photo that leaked on the internet is showing this chin at bottom failed and Phone will be similar to S8.

Samsung S9 Release Date

Now you might question that when this phone will be launched in Beast Galaxy S9 is expected at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona Spain at February 25, 2018.

Galaxy S9 Price

Specification-Ram-Processor-Internal Memory-Camera

Another major change that is expected ,it would contain a 6 GB of RAM and surprisingly 512GB of the Internal Memory.

Location of fingerprint sensor has also been changed and mostly complained Fingerprint along Camera has been moved to the bottom due to the reason, when we want to put the finger on fingerprint sensor but mistakenly we touch our mobile camera in Galaxy S8.Now Samsung has taken few changes

1-They have changed the position of the fingerprint sensor

2-USB type C port and 3.5 mm head Jack will also be available at side.

Design Resemblance of Galaxy S9 and S8

Samsung recently launched its a Galaxy S8 which is considered as one of the best smartphone in the market When we talked about Galaxy S8 Samsung has given many good features specially Samsung has improved Phone Design, performance of the phone , battery life and of course camera of Samsung S8. When we have discussed with our fellows and friends about Galaxy S9 design, style, performance, processor and its battery and of course about camera ,they said Samsung already have done a great job in the form of Galaxy S8 however the new design they are expecting in S9.. Websites 91Mobiles shared a  news about the S9 and sharing various things on the Internet.

Similarly ETNews is also sharing various photo leaks and said Samsung Galaxy S9 would be capable of 1000 frames. Bloomberg is also giving various announcement about Galaxy S9 and they are saying that Galaxy S9 would be inaugurated in March. Talking about the screen resolution of S9, Samsung is already have an upper hand as compared to the other mobiles in market like Huawei ,Oppo, QMobile etc.Samsung already have amoled screen display .

Screen size will be expected  5.77 inch.

Security Features of samsung Galaxy S9

Unlocking phone has two methods

  • one is fingerprint sensor
  • second is face detection

Samsung have introduced a great capability of scanning face using eye retina  so no one can make cheat like in other cheap phones like Oppo and other ones in which there is a complaint that by showing a photo you can make unlock to those phones.

Rumors about Processor-Ram-Internal Memory

Tweet by a Chinese shows that Samsung is working on artificial Intelligence and many features in this phone would be based on artificial intelligence Technology

When we talked about processor of Galaxy S9 9th it’s expected that it will not only includes Snapdragon 845 but also Android Oreo 8.0

Rumors about Samsung S9 Ram is  RAM of 6 GB and memory of 512 GB.

Specification of Galaxy S9

  • Screen Size  14 4.1 * 6 8.1 * 8.0 mm 5.8
  • Facial recognition
  • Water resistant
  • Dual camera
  • 16 megapixel dual rear in Galaxy S9
  • Dual front camera of 12 megapixel

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Samsung S9 Picture


Samsung S9 Beautiful Colors  



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