Tahir ul Qadri biography and life

Tahir ul Qadri biography and life

Shaikh Ul Islam Allama Dr.Tahir ul Qadri was born on 19 February 1951.He is the man of the ideas about the different things about the ideas that which shows that he is not just politician but also a scholar.World knows him as the scholar and politician.Head of Minhaj ul Qaran founded by him.In his life he make the name of himself and make the well esteem that people have admired him.He is the educated man who have the well power of the brain that in the previous days he is the most searched topic in the Pakistan.Pakistan is the place where is the identity of him.His protest are the things that which through people are knowing in the big numbers but it is not that he was not famous in the past but he was famous due to the islamic lectures and now there is the ideas that which enhances the power of the students that students in the minhaj ul quran foundation in the big numbers.


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Tahir ul Qadri biography and lifeĀ 

He is the well man who have the lecture in the urdu language on Islam because he is the Islamic scholar.It is well said that he is about to the idea that which enhances the power of the goodness that he started the Minhaj ul quran foundation ,in the mihaj ul quran lots of the students are studying.For the further information so keep visit us.In his life he have concentrate on the education and the techniques of the education that he was the student of the Punjab university that he gain the gold medal from where.It is the idea that which is about the information that how much the important thing is that soft corners about the life so we are not going in brief way but in the short way.

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