Tana bana collection of textile is famous in country and across country and the persons whose want to wear suitable design suits they come to the stores of the tana bana dresses and purchase the dresses but now new shop of tana bana collection in vehari city which is the good news for the people of vehari that they can purchase the tana bana textile products and get the amazing offers of dresses.


Trend of the dresses always change with the passage of time but with the passage of time new type of dresses are coming in the market and there is the nice shop in the area of vehari that here people are coming to the new trends of fashion so this is the big deal for the people of that city that they can go to the tana bana shop and purchase the dresses of the new fashion wear.If you are the native of the vehari then it is the good news for you and for the people of the vehari that branded suits will be available in this shop that any type of dresses may be purchase with elegant  designs and colours which are latest fashion wear and famous in all pakistan and also out side the country where is the fashion of the punjabi wear which is in the different countries of the world if it is Europe or Asia and Africa.

Address Vehari tana bana shop

Tana bana shop near HBL vehari at Jinah Road Vehari

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