Telenor Djuice One Plan Package

ATelenor Djuice One Plan Package. All day same call rates are presented by almost every local network of Pakistan. But Djuice One Plan package gives you the lowest calling rates not for 12 hours, but for the whole day without any hidden charges or daily deduction fees.


Telenor Djuice Once Plan gives the same call rates on 15 fnf numbers for 24 hours a day for shackle free mobile experience.

On net: Rupees 1.25 plus Tax
FNF: Rupees 0.50 plus Tax / 30 sec
SMS: Rupees 0.50 plus Tax
Telenor 2G Internet 1.13 / 64kb 

So enjoy the same and cheapest calling rates for the whole day with Djuice One Plan package. On 15 Djuice friends and family numbers, Djuice One Plan package also provides many benefits of free calls and SMS.


Telenor Djuice One Plan Charges.

  • All fnf: Rupees 0.50 / 30 sec for 24 Hours
  • All other Network numbers Rupees 1.25 / 30 sec
  • Telenor Numbers: Rupees 1.25 / 30 sec for 24 Hours
  • SMS Rupees 0.50/sms and MMS Rupees 5.00/mms


Terms And Conditions:

  • On every card load, 20 Paisa + Tax will be charged.
  • 15 friends and family members can be added in the circle.
  • Video call charging will be done on 5 minutes basis.
  • 12 paisa incl.Tax/call will be deducted as call setup charges.
  • To check balance, simply dial *444#

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