Top 10 Careers in Pakistan

Top 10 Careers in Pakistan.The selection of a right career is considered as one of the most important decision of life. But here in Pakistan where there is cut-throat competition, career selection has become a crucial task. Due to the lack of proper counselling, guiding heads, and authentic information, most of the youngsters are facing serious unemployment issues which has further complicated the career selection matter.

So, if you are worried about which career you should go for, this article will help you as a guide. We are listing here the top 10 most trending careers in Pakistan which are known for their worthiness and stability and may help you for your career selection.

Marketing & Brand Management

In Pakistan, marketing profession is considered among the highest grossing careers. Several jobs are being provided for this profession thus making it a successful career choice for many people. Job growth for the beginners and experts in this department is quite rapid and provide employees with many financial and non-financial benefits. If you have the required talent pool and handful of quality education from a prestigious institution, you may earn one hundred thousand rupees per month easily.You are reading Top 10 Careers in Pakistan

Charted Accountancy

If you are a charted account, one thing you know for sure is your worth because you may calculate the profit you are making for the company. The reason of this profession being on top in Pakistan is its stability, merit, clever study, and superior experience. Charted accountants who hold degree from a well-known Institution earn a top salary bracket ranging from 1 lac to 3 lac Rs approx. Charted Accountants, after getting some experience from firms and using their expertise, establish their highly successful business and become entrepreneurs.

Telecommunication Engineering

Pakistan Telecommunication Sector is growing at an explosive rate so telecom engineers are in high demand. They serve as a backbone at every level of a telecom industry whether it be vendors or operators. It is becoming an extremely popular career choice in Pakistan because of being in the list of highest paid jobs.

Chances of entry level jobs in Pakistan for this profession are quite high because of shortage of technical recruits as people are not presently much aware of this profession. After getting experience of 2-3 years, you can easily make 60 thousand Rs to 1 lac Rs per month.

Program & Project Management

In Pakistan, the discipline of program and project management is emerging at an increasing speed as most of the people are inclined towards it because of large number of handsome job opportunities being provided. As a project manager, your duty is to manage all the aspects of a project you are working on like budgeting, planning, analyzing, and documenting.

Growth rate for this profession is relatively high but how much money you will make monthly mostly depends on the scope of the project you are hired upon. Most of the professionals are earning between 70 thousand Rs to 1 lac 50 thousand Rs monthly.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is known as the most bright and meritorious profession in Pakistan. Among their other engineering peers, Mechanical Engineers are highly paid in their job and earn handsome amount monthly. The monthly salary of an experienced professional ranges from 70 Thousand Rs to 1 lac 20 thousand Rs. In Pakistan, most of the women recruits are making success in this field and are doing exceptionally well from the last few years.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Manager is the primary link between employees and organization’s management. It is becoming a very fast growing career in Pakistan because of many remunerative opportunities being provided to HR Managers and HR Generalists. If we analyze in terms of opportunity prospects and income, this career is conducive for the next decade or two. Salary range varies from 70 thousand Rs to 1 lac 5 thousand Rs per month.

Computer Sciences

We all are living it a digital age. Every aspect of our lives is infiltrated by digital technology. The everyday programs and applications we use are the untiring efforts of computer scientists who design, develop, apply and test the software and hardware throughout. It is becoming much appealing career in Pakistan because of the increasing IT sectors in the country.

Our universities are producing unbeatable computer scientists and many of the top software companies of the world like Google, Microsoft and IBM are hiring them on large scale. Computer scientists enjoy excellent growth rate in their jobs and earn 60 thousand Rs to 1 lac 50 thousand Rs quite easily on monthly basis.

  1. Medical Field

Medicine is always known as an honorable and reputable job in Pakistan. Medical field offers varieties of jobs including surgeons, radiologist, physician, dentist, oncologist etc. As serious health problems are increasing day-by-day in Pakistan, many young and passionate people are required for this field so that Pakistan may overcome its healthcare problems. Doctors in Pakistan are earning healthy amount of income because of healthcare awareness in people. Their income varies on seniority basis – junior doctors earn less, senior doctors earn more.

Mass Communication

Mass Media is emerging at an increasing speed in Pakistan and is considered as a strong pillar of the country. Mass Communication consists of electronic media, print media, advertisement and public relation. Many prestigious universities of Pakistan are producing skillful and competent professionals who are serving the nation today.

As this career is full of wide range of opportunities, people with excellent communication skills are opting for this career and are earning handsome bunk of salary depending on their field.

Creative Designing

Creative Designing is although a new profession but is catching up as the most desired career. People today are moving towards online businesses and this fact is increasing the popularity of creative and graphic designers.

If you hold the talent pool for designing inside you, creative designing is the right choice. Many creative and graphic designers today are earning 50 thousand Rs to 1 lac Rs per month adding success to their business.

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