Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan


While making choice for the right professional career, an individual focuses on two things which are the area of interest and the amount of money that will be paid to him. People in Pakistan are facing a lot of unemployment issues and finding a perfect job has become such a difficult task for them. Handsome pay has always been a prime factor in job satisfaction. Jobs that pay really well with healthy environment in the workplace offer a key of contentment and happiness to the employees.

We have listed down here the top 10 highest paying jobs in Pakistan that ensure stability, reliability and worthiness.

  1. Managing Director

Managing Director is the most senior role in any organization who manages all the resources and expenditures of organization. The entire responsibility of a company’s performance lies on managing director who then reports the chairman about the overall status of a company. The entry level salary of a managing director depends on the candidate experience, organization and chairman’s decision. Estimated salary is 500,000 Rs or even more than this monthly

       Legal Services Director

Legal Services Director provides interpretation and legal advice to legal department of the organization. He oversees legal matters and provide his opinion to senior management related to regulatory requirements of state, business affairs, contracts, trademark protection and intellectual property. He makes sure that the organization and all the employees working in it carry out all the actions legally besides controlling that the decisions being made should be persuaded by the law of the country. A legal service director earns handsome bunk of money with the rough estimation of 600,000 Rs on monthly basis.

Chief Operating Officer

A Chief Operating Officer (COO) is one of the highest ranking executives in the company who is responsible for all the long-term and short-term agendas of the company. He helps company by using his expertise to improve products or service while reducing cost and increasing profits. COO earn a huge amount of money monthly which is almost 700,000 Rs monthly.

Marketing & Brand Manager

Marketing managers are responsible in marketing the company’s product and convince the customer about what to buy, why to buy and how to buy the product. While, Band manager are known as advocates of organization. They inspire the feelings of trust and security among customers regarding the company’s brand and make sure that the customer’s value align with the company’s value. Estimated pay ranges from 80,000 Rs to 165,000 Rs monthly.

Charted Accountant

Chartered Accountants cover wide range of finance work in an organization like formulating tax strategies, performing cost analysis, preparing financial statements, managing and developing organization’s financial plans and checking account ledgers using sophisticated sampling methods. They enjoy a lot of financial and non-financial benefits in an organization because they make profit for the company. They have much stable salary of 200,000 Rs to 300,000 Rs monthly.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the conversion of thermal energy into useful work by designing the machines that make it possible. They perform the designing, analysis, manufacturing, controlling, testing, operating and maintaining of mechanical systems or machines. It is considered as one of the meritorious profession in Pakistan because of the much higher range of salary that is provided to mechanical engineers. While performing lifetime cycle of work, mechanical engineers enjoy a lot of rewards too. The monthly salary of an experienced mechanical engineer lies in the range of 70,000 Rs to 120,000 Rs

Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager is one of the competitive and most sought out professions and careers in Pakistan having largest human resource network and people management professionals. HR Managers help people excel in their career by using their expertise in providing valued benefits and services for the effectiveness and betterment of an organization. They deal with all levels of management in an organization and perform personnel administration, skills management, work planning, orientation, induction, time management and payroll. This is a kind of profession that is never going to get old because every organization needs HR Managers to excel in their fields. Their salary comes in between 65,000 Rs to 105,000 Rs monthly

Program and Project Manager

Program and project managers are responsible for the successful completion and delivery of a project. Their role involves planning and designing the project, ensuring integrity of the project and quality assurance, managing project’s budget, making appointments to project teams, delivering products or services of top quality, controlling dependencies and managing risks of a project. This role requires effective leadership skills, sound business communication skills, good knowledge of program and project management methods and the ability of problem solving. Their monthly salary is from 70,000 Rs to 150,000 Rs.

Software Engineer

Pakistan is making progress in IT sector with an increasing speed. Every sector here is getting technology bounded and software engineers or computer programmers are in high trends these days. Software engineers are responsible for designing, developing, managing, controlling and testing a software or hardware. They actually instruct the computer that how to perform a desired function line by line.

A report shows that the Pakistani software engineers are earning six times six times more average salary than other Pakistanis. Many of the top software development companies of world are hiring software engineers from Pakistan. The estimated salary of a software engineer in Pakistan is 80,000 Rs to 150,000 Rs monthly.

Creative Designer

Creative Designer is a dream job offering fun, flexibility, positive energy and creativity.

It is job where you just don’t do the same repeated boring stuff each day but create something unique and new on daily basis. It opens doors in a lot of new directions for the designer and the designer ends up creating something amazingly good and appreciating. They bring new tools, technologies, methods and theories in the field of creative designing which improve and flourish their skills eventually. Pakistan is growing in the field of creative designers which has encouraged many of the people to opt for this career. Creative designers based on their experience earn 50,000 Rs to 120,000 Rs monthly.

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