Top 5 ways to search job on social media


Top 5 ways to search job on social media.This can be considered as a two way street, the part where you are searching for a job as a candidate and the other one where you are looking to hire. When you search for either one of the categories, you have to make sure what the exact specifications of the job you are looking for are. This is how social media sites can help you the most. If you really look at it, the material applications take a lot of time and energy and you have to work on your application all over again before finding a job. Social media cuts the working by three folds. However, there are some points you need to keep in mind before you start your job hunt.

Be active on social media

You have to make sure that you don’t wait for the moment when you need a job to get active on social media. Build a social media network beforehand to make sure it’s there when you need it. Keep the following points in your mind while doing it:

  1. Don’t just hook yourself with one social media website to get a long-term benefit.
  2. Maintain your profile as a professional.
  3. Keep your profile as real as you can.
  4. Build good and healthy connections on the social media.
  5. Keep yourself away from any kind of conflict.

Building an online presence

Building a regular and long-lasting online presence is eminent for your professional career. There are different types of social media sites that help you find a job but the most important ones are those which are especially built for this purpose.Top 5 ways to search job on social media


If you want to keep your facebook profile a bit casual, that’s alright but make sure that you are not doing the same with your profile on LinkedIn and other sites which can help you as much as you let them because these are meant for the professionals.

Put in the recent qualification

Build your profile according to the achievements in your professional career. All these achievements mean something for one job or the other. Make sure that you keep your profile updated. This is very important not just because of how people can see your profile but also because if your profile is in a ready to go condition, you can look for a job anytime you want or even if you are recently working somewhere and you are just looking for a change. The word used for a good and professionally updated profile can be “work appropriate”. This term reflect the idea that your profile, whether it is on facebook or any other social media site, cannot have anything that stops you from getting your dream job.

Keep in touch with your connections

It happens very often that people have hundreds of friends on facebook or a large number of connections on other sites but they don’t keep in touch with them. This is just like if you have all the exercise equipment at your home but refuse to get up and do something with it, would you expect to achieve your fitness goals?


That is why you have to make use of the connections and friendships you make on the social media. You have to make sure that you keep in touch with all your connections and talk to them or just join groups where healthy discussions are occurring. Try not to take part in the unnecessary yapping as this is always going to have an adverse effect on your professional life.

What are they searching for?

The trend of recruiting new employees online through social media is increasing these days. The recruiters prefer the easy process of just going online and reviewing job applications. This helps them find the most appropriate application that they would prefer. There are different websites which allow the applicants to fill and submit a detailed profile so they can be chosen for a job in an easier way. One of the most efficient and helpful websites working in Pakistan is After going to the website, you just have to follow simple and easy steps to get yourself one step closer to your dream job.

How these sites help the hiring Managers?

A hiring manager mostly has to interact with a large number of candidates before some of them are shortlisted. This is a tiring process and therefore, the hiring manager has to face a lot of problems. The biggest help that a hiring manager gets through the social media hiring is that they can get a list of the best candidates and then interact with them further. So, he will know a little bit about you, your background, your qualifications and whether you can fit well in the company. After going through all of the information, he is going to decide who to give a shot.

Do take a look at your privacy settings


If you are choosing social media as your medium to find a job, you need to be careful about your privacy settings. No matter which site you are choosing. Just be careful that today, anyone can find anyone on social media. If you are not careful about what you post online, just fix your social media profiles in a way that everyone cannot see all that you are posting.

Go, Google yourself

When a recruiting manager is going for social media hiring, there is a number of things that they might do to get a basic introduction of who you are. One of the things they would prefer is to google you to find anything that makes you a good or a bad candidate. So, if you consider yourself proactive on the social media, don’t forget to google yourself every now and then. Take it in a fun way to know what Google knows about you.

Using different apps

Nowadays, there are a number of apps that can help you get a job. You can find these apps on your phone or your ipad. These apps work exactly the same way as any other social recruiting website.


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