trackpad introduced to control mobile phone

Track pad to control Mobile phone in which the functions of the Mobile phone will be control by the control pad which is introduced.American made track pad by which by adjusting on nail ,Mobile tracking is possible.As such we can appreciate the american invention,.American University made track pad which is equal to nail of man which may be adjust on nail and utilize.It is wearable on thumb when we put the finger on pad then it works as pointer on computer screen.

trackpad introduced to control mobile phone


It may be connect with the blue tooth and it may be connect with the Laptops ,smartphones and the tablet computers.Track pad which may be utilize for the Mobile phone specially but it will work on the smartphones in the generations of the phones .As such it is the new technology which is utilized in these days so here you can idealize the importance of this factor that we are entering in the new era of technology and the new age of the technology .Now world is becoming change and the devices of the technology coming day by day and the new things which is about the technology as such that we introduced about tracking pad which is the latest invention according to the sense of the tracking system online or offline etc..


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