UFONE UNLIMITED 3G INTERNET IN 600 RUPEES now available .You can use unlimited ufone and enjoy a hassle free internet as compared to other networks available in market.Ufone is one of the leading network and early competitor of Mobilink in term of packages and internet .Ufone network is widespread all where and you can use fastest internet of ufone.Initially ufone introduced costly internet packages that are now lower.You can enjoy latest package of UFONE UNLIMITED 3G INTERNET IN 600 RUPEES




Suitable for 2G/3G users Suitable for 3G users
for emails, social
networking & music
Suitable for 3G users
for emails, social
networking, music &
video streaming
Prepaid Buckets Basic
(upto 512Kbps)
(upto 1Mbps)
Super Ultra
(Upto 3Mbps)
Daily – 40 MB Rs. 10
Special Daily
(1 AM – 9 PM) – 50MB
Rs. 5
Weekly – 250MB Rs. 50 Rs. 125
Monthly 1 GB Rs. 200 Rs. 550 Rs. 725
Monthly 1.5 GB Rs. 250 Rs. 675 Rs. 900
Monthly 3 GB Rs. 500 Rs. 1,250 Rs. 1,500


Dial *3# to choose the package of your choice


Ufone 3G vs EVO Wingle

When i search out different internet provider and try to calculate the prices and internet data. I get to know that Ufone is extra ordinary cheapest and faster 3G internet. Let’s have a look how Ufone cheapest as compare to EVO wingle.

If you find the packages of EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps you will see they provide you 30GB Volum in 2500/month.

Now if you look at ufone 3g package Asli Chappar Phaar Offer they provide you 5000MB, 5000SMS & 5000Mints in only 60/- rupess (without Tax) for 5 days. If we include the Tax, the package will cost you Rs 71.70/- If you load RS 100, You will get Rs 75.76/- then you activate your Package Asli Chappar Phaar Offer by dialing *5050# so calculation will be

  • Load Rs = 100
  • Balance = 75.76
  • Package = 75.76 – 71.70 = 4.06

You can Check Remain Mints/SMS/Data by dailing *707# but remember that Checking Charges with tax = 0.24

Let’s we calculate it as whole month, If you get 5GB data in RS 100/- for 5 days then 5GB * 6 = 30GB and total cost Rs100 * 6 = 600. This means the you will get 30GB ufone 3G package in only and only Rs 600/- How’s that ? does any company provide this rate and data volume ? I don’t thing so.

Ufone 3G Coverage

Before activate your Asli Chappar Phaar Offer or any other ufone internet package. You should need to know that is your area have ufone 3g coverage. But i also want to let you know what if your area isn’t listing in the ufone 3G coverage map then it’s not totaly means that 3G internet will not. Some time if your area not listed but near to area what mention in 3G Coverage map then it may also work.

As for as me, my area didn’t listed in the ufone 3G Coverage map but my internet work perfectly. My internet speed not too fast, it give me 100+ KB/SEC. Some time it goes too fast, in fact i give me 250+ KB/SEC and in night time it become more faster.

I should recommend you that see ufone 3g coverage map and find your area or see is any converge area near to your area.

Using Mobile Internet into Laptop

The mobile internet not only for your smartphone. You can also connect your mobile internet with your Laptop or PC. To connect it , you need to have Wifi into your laptop and have any 3G Enable Smartphone. Let’s see step by step how you can connect your mobile internet with laptop or Pc.

  • First of all turn ON your laptop Wifi and make sure you have install driver for your laptop wifi.
  • Next Go to Setting into your smartphone , Click on Wireless & Network. Here you need to enable Data Connection.
  • Now you need to click on Tethering & Portable Hotspot into your smartphone and enable it.
  • Finally you need to search wifi from your laptop and connect it and enjoy your 3G internet.

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