Warid 10,000 Sms Just In 60+tax/ Monthly

Messaging through Sms is the passion of youth.Youngsters use the text messages for communication among each other.Text Messages rates are low so these are affordable in the Youngsters.Big Telecom companies defining the rates of the sms in competition in the present days.Because Telecom companies knows that if they want to involve customers in the big numbers then they should attract the youth because we know that in the population of the Pakistan 60% population is the youth.So Telecom company have to look the passion of the youth in eye so that they may be provide the latest services which are more attractive.Dear customers of the warid telecom look at this offer which we are going to discuss about the offer of the Sms by the Warid.This is the Monthly package of SMS Of Warid telecom.Now the time when you should hold the mobile phone and press the mobile buttons and send that unlimited messages mean 10,000 sms for the 1 month just in the 70 rupees included the tax so lets get the fun and connect to the friends and the family members for every moment of the month.

Complete details of warid monthly package are

warid sms package

Warid 10,000 Sms Just In 60+tax/ Monthly

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Now Warid Offer 10,000 SMS Only in 60+tax per month so customers of the warid telecom may be get this offer by sending MS TO 3333.If we define in the detail this offer warid of sms then a customer of warid should open the text box of write message and should write MS and Send to 3333 then a message will be receive then customer can get this offer of the warid.Warid telecom is the big company which was lost by the people and the customers in the previous decade but we cannot deny that some offers of the warid are just for the warid customers like the 4g lyte technology which introduced by the warid.Some people were discussing that why Warid company not participated in the auction of the 3g and the 4g technology in Pakistan but when warid introduced the 4g lyte technology then they admit that warid is the no 1 cellular telecom company in Pakistan.Warid telecom network in Pakistan is the nice network who is introducing the new services for the mobile users in Pakistan because it is the user friendly network but the important thing is that the services in Pakistan.

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